Enhancement Of Carbon Sequestration In US Soils

  • Sites: US-IB1, US-IB2
  • Post, W. M., Izaurralde, R. C., Jastrow, J. D., McCarl, B. A., Amonette, J. E., Bailey, V. L., Jardine, P. M., West, T. O., Zhou, J. (2004) Enhancement Of Carbon Sequestration In US Soils, Bioscience, 54(10), 895-908. https://doi.org/10.1641/0006-3568(2004)054[0895:eocsiu]2.0.co;2
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  • Improved practices in agriculture, forestry, and land management could be used to increase soil carbon and thereby significantly reduce the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Understanding biological and edaphic processes that increase and retain soil carbon can lead to specific manipulations that enhance soil carbon sequestration. These manipulations, however, will only be suitable for adoption if they are technically feasible over large areas, economically competitive with alternative measures to offset greenhouse gas emissions, and environmentally beneficial. Here we present the elements of an integrated evaluation of soil carbon sequestration methods.