Are Monoterpene Emissions Influenced By Humidity?

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  • Schade, G. W., Goldstein, A. H., Lamanna, M. S. (1999/07) Are Monoterpene Emissions Influenced By Humidity?, Geophysical Research Letters, 26(14), 2187-2190.
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  • Monoterpene mixing ratios and fluxes were measured above a ponderosa pine plantation in the Sierra Nevada mountains from July to October 1998. Data were obtained during a variety of weather regimes including periods of extreme heat and dryness as well as during rain. Monoterpene emissions were highly elevated during and after the rain events, and the expected exponential increase of emissions with temperature did not occur during extremely hot and dry conditions, suggesting an influence of ambient humidity levels on monoterpene emissions. Therefore, we propose a modified emission algorithm based on responses to both temperature and humidity.