Research Associate

Research Associate (AmeriFlux Site Manager)
Center for Research on Sustainable Forests
University of Maine, Orono

We are seeking a highly motivated Research Associate to manage the AmeriFlux site at Howland Research Forest, central Maine, USA. The position is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Howland Forest aimed at maintaining the site as an active research location.

ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: (1) Conduct data analyses and interpretation, leading to authorship of peer-reviewed publications, (2) Maintain and troubleshoot field infrastructure and data-acquisition instruments, (3) Develop and implement automation, operational, and QA/QC procedures for data acquisition instruments, (4) Provide primary contact and communication to federal and other research agencies, including regular data reports to the AmeriFlux Program, (5) Conduct routine maintenance on instrument buildings, towers, vehicle, and equipment, (6) Contract professional services such as electrical maintenance, snow removal, and occasional tower/building repair, (7) Serve as site safety manager, and the liaison with the Howland Forest landowner (Northeast Wilderness Trust).

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum MS degree, PhD preferred, plus at least three years’ research experience in ecosystem science.

POSITION TYPE: This is a full-time, year-round, soft money (grant funded) position, with funds provided from the US Forest Service (Northern Research Station) through a Joint Venture Agreement with the Center for Research on Sustainable Forests (CRSF), University of Maine. Continuation of the position is expected through an annual renewal of this Agreement.



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