Berkeley Lab’s (LBNL) Climate and Ecosystem Sciences (CESD) Division is seeking an enthusiastic and innovative Postdoctoral Researcher to investigate the controls of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling, and how they vary with climate warming and soil depth. This position offers the unique opportunity to contribute to a cutting-edge grassland soil-warming experiment in California, as well as to ongoing research in a ponderosa pine forest.

Join our dynamic research team in Berkeley Lab’s CESD Division, collaborating closely with expert scientists from multiple disciplines including biogeochemistry, microbiology, geochemistry, and modeling. Your work will contribute significantly to advancing the mechanistic understanding of soil biogeochemistry and its role in global change, and to improve Earth system models. If you are passionate about terrestrial biogeochemistry, excited about fieldwork, and eager to engage with modelers, we encourage you to apply.

They will use different field and laboratory measurements (including isotopic techniques) to study the effect of warming, plant inputs, and microbial community on the transformation, mineralization, and de/stabilization of soil carbon, and plant-soil nitrogen cycling.

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