This position in the EPA Office of Research and development is accepting applicants for Engineering and Physical Scientist series.

This position provides critical laboratory, field and research support to principal investigators working on emission characterization, atmospheric composition, and atmospheric deposition in the areas of reactive nitrogen, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM) and emerging contaminates from natural, agricultural and other anthropogenic sources. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to, accomplishing the following, both independently and under the guidance of a principal investigator:
• Operation and maintenance of online analytical equipment in field and laboratory settings, including but not limited to chemiluminescence, open-path quantum cascade laser spectroscopy, and chemical ionization mass spectrometry
• Operation and maintenance of micrometeorological measurement systems for quantifying air-surface exchange rates (fluxes), including gradient and eddy covariance systems
• Operation and programming of analog and digital data acquisition systems
• Assembly and testing of customized flux measurement platforms and instrumentation
• Troubleshooting of instruments and measurement systems (mechanical, electronics)
• Preparation and processing of gas (e.g., denuders) and particle sampling media
• Maintaining and following quality assurance and standard operating procedures for instrumentation and sampling methods
• Processing and assisting in analysis of large atmospheric chemistry and flux measurement datasets
• Development and management of databases containing measurement and analytical results and documentation of quality assurance metrics.

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