Michigan Technological University is pleased to accept applications for graduate student traineeships under the newly funded National Science Foundation NRT award: “Integrative Training in Data Science-Enabled Sensing of the Environment for Climate Adaptation (DataSENSE).”

What is the DataSENSE NRT?

The goal of the DataSENSE NRT is to provide graduate students with integrative, culturally responsive training to produce scientists and researchers who are prepared to address complex, climate-adaptation-related problems. A data science lifecycle framework will be used to help trainees to understand the connections, interplay and iteration required for complex scientific understanding.

The DataSENSE faculty have expertise in data science, machine learning, computer vision, geological engineering, environmental engineering, sensing technology, atmospheric science, forestry, and environmental science.

Information about the project is available at: https://www.mtu.edu/datasense/.

DataSENSE trainees will participate in a set of activities throughout the program including coursework, interdisciplinary research, summer experiences, research seminars, career development training, and near-peer mentoring.

Trainees will receive NRT support for five semesters (Year 1: Fall, Spring, and Summer; Year 2: Fall and Spring). For the remainder of their PhD study, trainees will be supported by a mixture of internal (GTA/GRA) and external funding sources.

Who can apply?

Funded applicantstrainees are restricted to US citizens, nationals, and permanent residents.

Interested students should apply for the NRT DataSENSE opportunity with their relevant PhD program, e.g., Computer Science, Computational Science and Engineering, Remote Sensing of Environment, Geological Engineering, Geology, Environmental Engineering, and Atmospheric Sciences. Information about the specific PhD programs and Graduate School application requirements can be found at: https://www.mtu.edu/gradschool/prospective/. Note, each PhD program may have slightly different requirements and suggested application deadlines; each program has a website with this information linked from the main Graduate School site.

Trainees will be asked to submit additional application information through the DataSENSE website by December 31st including a short description of research interests, names of faculty in area of interest, and a CV.

General questions on the program can be sent to: datasense-l@mtu.edu
If your research interest is relevant to remote sensing of the environment, please contact Dr. Tao Liu directly via taoliu@mtu.edu.

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