The wetland biogeochemistry lab at SUNY-ESF is currently recruiting for a PhD student who will work on incorporating anaerobic microsites into wetland carbon cycling models. Wetlands are strong carbon sinks but produce methane in their anaerobic soils; however, there are significant gaps in our ability to computationally model the carbon cycle in wetlands.

The student hired for this position will have the opportunity to advance the state of wetland carbon science by better representing the redoximorphic processes that lead to the production of methane in natural ecosystems using Ameriflux data. The student will work closely with biogeochemists and engineers to develop the model formulations and incorporate those formulae into a state-of-the-art mechanistic model.

The student will be enrolled in the Department of Environmental Resources Engineering at SUNY-ESF in Syracuse, NY. Qualified candidates will have strong undergraduate or graduate experience with biogeochemistry and computer programming. Interested students should send a copy of their resume and unofficial transcript(s).

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