BADM opus

Hear ye, hear ye, scholars of flux
a new, improved tool – entering BADM deluxe!

Now, I hear you sigh “BADM? Oh no!”
But let me convince you that we have improved the flow!
No more difficult to navigate, quick to frustrate,
Scrolling until your eyes are rolling, and you can’t see straight.
No more struggling with monstrous excel templates.
Instead: sit back and use customized CSVs for your updates!**

But let’s start at the beginning: If you run an ecosystem flux site
Then you are surely brimming with info that is not quite
Part of the high frequency flux/met data set
But sufficiently important for all of us to regret
If it is not collected in a central place
This is why we include BADM in our database.

About BADM
To understand variables, groups and type,
Visit the ‘basics’ section on our revised website.
If you are not quite sure how to report a certain attribute
Browse definitions of BADM standards, from canopy to root.
Here we spell out what parameters are required
What units must be used, and what else is desired.
Browse BADM Standards
For example, measure in meters the height of your undergrowth,
And give one date or a date range, but please don’t provide both!
Check our example of how HEIGHTC is defined,
to be confident that your measurement is aligned.
To report LAI_TYPE, pick from the predefined list,
So you can be sure that your data won’t be missed.
Share what statistics are behind each variable,
This helps a lot in keeping datasets comparable.

Now we should tell you, while these new features were generated,
A few of the VegCover and Soil standards have also been updated.
If you have published such BADM in the past for your site,
We may contact you to ensure that they were ported alright.

Once you decide what variables to send our way,
Create a customized CSV template to save the day.
The template is created with a few simple clicks,
And works for multiple sites, one of our favorite tricks!

Customize CSV example: LAI
While you now have an appetite to submit BADM at the speed of light
In most cases, our new CSV option will be just right.
However, for updating instrument models and variable height
The good old online Variable Information Tool works like dynamite.

We hope that this new resource will provide a lot of value,
And offer you a webinar, in which we plan to walk through
All the lovely features of our new BADM submission
To put you and your data in the optimal position!


** For most BADM types. See BADM Submission Instructions for full guidance on which reporting formats to use: online editors, Variable Information Tool, CSV reporting files.

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