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CA-Let: Alberta - Mixed Grass Prairie

PI: Lawrence B. Flanagan -
Lat, Long: 49.7092800, -112.9401700
Elevation(m): 960
Network Affiliations: Ameriflux, Fluxnet-Canada
Vegetation IGBP: GRA (Grasslands)
Climate Koeppen: Dfb (Warm Summer Continental: significant precipitation in all seasons )
Mean Annual Temp (°C): 5.36
Mean Annual Precip. (mm): 398.4
Flux Species Measured: CO2
Years Data Collected: AmeriFlux: 1998 - Present
Latitude 49.43° N; Longitude 112.56° W, altitude 951 meters,Mixed Grass Prairie that includes the following major species: Agropyron spp. (Wheat Grasses), ...
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CA-Let: Alberta - Mixed Grass Prairie

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CA-Let: Alberta - Mixed Grass Prairie

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CA-Let: Alberta - Mixed Grass Prairie


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CA-Let: Alberta - Mixed Grass Prairie

Year Publication
2015 Dennis Baldocchi, Cove Sturtevant (2015) Does day and night sampling reduce spurious correlation between canopy photosynthesis and ecosystem respiration?, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 207, 117-126.
2006 Richardson, A. D., Hollinger, D. Y., Burba, G. G., Davis, K. J., Flanagan, L. B., Katul, G. G., William Munger, J., Ricciuto, D. M., Stoy, P. C., Suyker, A. E., Verma, S. B., Wofsy, S. C. (2006) A Multi-Site Analysis Of Random Error In Tower-Based Measurements Of Carbon And Energy Fluxes, Agricultural And Forest Meteorology, 136(1-2), 1-18.
2004 Li, T., Grant, R. F., Flanagan, L. B. (2004) Climate Impact On Net Ecosystem Productivity Of A Semi-Arid Natural Grassland: Modeling And Measurement, Agricultural And Forest Meteorology, 126(1-2), 99-116.
2006 Coursolle, C., Margolis, H. A., Barr, A. G., Black, T. A., Amiro, B. D., McCaughey, J. H., Flanagan, L. B., Lafleur, P. M., Roulet, N. T., Bourque, C. P., Arain, M. A., Wofsy, S. C., Dunn, A., Morgenstern, K., Orchansky, A. L., Bernier, P. Y., Chen, J. M., Kidston, J., Saigusa, N., Hedstrom, N. (2006) Late-Summer Carbon Fluxes From Canadian Forests And Peatlands Along An East-–West Continental Transect, Canadian Journal Of Forest Research, 36(3), 783-800.
2005 Flanagan, L. B., Johnson, B. G. (2005) Interacting Effects Of Temperature, Soil Moisture And Plant Biomass Production On Ecosystem Respiration In A Northern Temperate Grassland, Agricultural And Forest Meteorology, 130(3-4), 237-253.
2005 Sims, D. A., Rahman, A. F., Cordova, V. D., Baldocchi, D. D., Flanagan, L. B., Goldstein, A. H., Hollinger, D. Y., Misson, L., Monson, R. K., Schmid, H. P., Wofsy, S. C., Xu, L. (2005) Midday Values Of Gross CO2 Flux And Light Use Efficiency During Satellite Overpasses Can Be Used To Directly Estimate Eight-Day Mean Flux, Agricultural And Forest Meteorology, 131(1-2), 1-12.
2005 Gilmanov, T. G., Tieszen, L. L., Wylie, B. K., Flanagan, L. B., Frank, A. B., Haferkamp, M. R., Meyers, T. P., Morgan, J. A. (2005) Integration Of CO2 Flux And Remotely-Sensed Data For Primary Production And Ecosystem Respiration Analyses In The Northern Great Plains: Potential For Quantitative Spatial Extrapolation, Global Ecology And Biogeography, 14(3), 271-292.
2002 Flanagan, L. B., Wever, L. A., Carlson, P. J. (2002) Seasonal And Interannual Variation In Carbon Dioxide Exchange And Carbon Balance In A Northern Temperate Grassland, Global Change Biology, 8(7), 599-615.
2006 Ponton, S., Flanagan, L. B., Alstad, K. P., Johnson, B. G., Morgenstern, K., Kljun, N., Black, T. A., Barr, A. G. (2006) Comparison Of Ecosystem Water-Use Efficiency Among Douglas-Fir Forest, Aspen Forest And Grassland Using Eddy Covariance And Carbon Isotope Techniques, Global Change Biology, 12(2), 294-310.
2003 Conte, M. H., Weber, J. C., Carlson, P. J., Flanagan, L. B. (2003) Molecular And Carbon Isotopic Composition Of Leaf Wax In Vegetation And Aerosols In A Northern Prairie Ecosystem, Oecologia, 135(1), 67-77.
1999 Flanagan, L. B., Kubien, D. S., Ehleringer, J. R. (1999) Spatial And Temporal Variation In The Carbon And Oxygen Stable Isotope Ratio Of Respired CO2 In A Boreal Forest Ecosystem, Tellus Series B-Chemical and Physical Meteorology., 51(2), n/a-n/a.
2005 Zhang, Y., Grant, R., Flanagan, L., Wang, S., Verseghy, D. (2005) Modelling CO2 And Energy Exchanges In A Northern Semiarid Grassland Using The Carbon- And Nitrogen-Coupled Canadian Land Surface Scheme (C-CLASS), Ecological Modelling, 181(4), 591-614.
1996 Flanagan, L. B., Brooks, J. R., Varney, G. T., Berry, S. C., Ehleringer, J. R. (1996) Carbon Isotope Discrimination During Photosynthesis And The Isotope Ratio Of Respired CO2 in Boreal Forest Ecosystems, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 10(4), 629-640.

CA-Let: Alberta - Mixed Grass Prairie

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CA-Let: Alberta - Mixed Grass Prairie

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