Data API Interface

The following software and packages are designed to interface with flux-related data repositories through API (Application Programming Interface), allowing programmatically querying and accessing to data and metadata.


  • An R programmatic interface with AmeriFlux API for querying, downloading, and handling AmeriFlux data and metadata.
  • Allow a more integrated and repeatable workflow for querying, batch-downloading, and handling AmeriFlux data
  • The package also supports site queries using additional information, e.g., data and metadata availability, variable available years, and data summaries


  • A programmatic interface to the Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) Carbon Portal. Allows for easy downloads of ICOS carbon portal data directly to your R workspace or your computer.
  • The functionalities include downloading site meta-data, available data and the eventual downloading of the data.
  • This package is a partial port of the icoscp python package [].


  • R package facilitates the retrieval and post-processing of PhenoCam time series.
  • The post-processing of PhenoCam data includes outlier removal and the generation of data products such as phenological transition dates.
  • If requested complementary Daymet climate data will be downloaded and merged with the PhenoCam data for modeling purposes.
  • For a detailed overview of the assumptions made during post-processing, please refer to publications by Hufkens et al. (2018) and Richardson et al. (2018).





The list was initially compiled by Ladislav Šigut and Housen Chu and has been updated with inputs from the communities. We thank all the original software/package developers for sharing and maintaining such great services. For details of each software/package, please refer to the developing team through the external links. Please contact the website manager ( if you would like to propose any addition or update to the list.