Auxiliary Data Processing

The following software and packages are generally designed to process/visualize/analyze ancillary data that are often collected at the flux tower site or are relevant in analyzing flux data.


  • R package for the derivation of physical and physiological bulk ecosystem properties from eddy covariance data
  • functions for calculating surface conductance, aerodynamic conductance, decoupling, surface temperature and humidity, potential evapotranspiration, intrinsic water-use efficiency, bulk intercellular CO2 concentration, etc.


  • The package focuses on visualizing large amounts of hourly environmental data
  • See examples e.g. here:

CuBI height

  • Calculation of Cumulative Basal Area Inflection (CuBI) height. CuBI height is the representative canopy height of a forest stand determined as the height of the inflection point of a sigmoid-shaped relationship between tree height and cumulative basal area.
  • Available as R and Matlab software.



Landflux tools

  • Provides various Excel sheet-based tools mostly with ecophysiological relevance.
  • Contains sheets for A/Ci Curve Fitting, Pressure/volume curve-fitting, Photosynthetic Light Response curve fitting, Keeling Plot Curve Fitting, Leaf Energy Balance,  Two-Pool Decomposition Model 4.0, Uncertainty in Partitioning Using Two-Source Mixing Models, Green Fraction from Digital Images, Leaf Transpiration Calculator




The list was initially compiled by Ladislav Šigut and Housen Chu and has been updated with inputs from the communities. We thank all the original software/package developers for sharing and maintaining such great services. For details of each software/package, please refer to the developing team through the external links. Please contact the website manager ( if you would like to propose any addition or update to the list.