FLUXNET2015 Paper Metadata: Author Info

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Collect author information for the publication.


Use the FLUXNET2015_Author_Info.csv file emailed to you or download a blank file: FLUXNET2015_Author_Info.csv
Safari and Chrome users: To download the file, control-click / right click the link, choose “Download Linked File As” or “Save Link As”, and specify a destination.
  • The file has three header rows: 1) Variable name; 2) Required / optional info; 3) Units. Do not change these rows.
  • Provide information for up to the number of authors that was emailed to you. The number of authors is based on the the number of site years in FLUXNET2015.
  • Please provide current emails addresses at which the journal can contact each author.
  • If MS Excel is not being used to view / update the csv files, put quotation marks around entries with commas. MS Excel will automatically adds quotes to csv files when needed.
  • Author information submitted is for the FLUXNET2015 paper only.

If you have multiple sites, a single FLUXNET2015_Author_Info.csv can be uploaded with Site_ID = “other” via the Upload Data > BADM page.

Report the following author information:

Item Required Units Description
NAME_GIVEN Yes free text First or given name
NAME_FAMILY Yes free text Last or family name
EMAIL Yes free text Current email address at which the journal can contact each author.
INSTITUTION Yes free text Name of institution
AUTHOR_ORDER Yes Integer number Order of authorship