BADM Standards (Beta): PHEN_EVENT

Template: Veg Cover
Description: Phenological Events

Variables with their units and descriptions are found below. If a group is specified in the Group-Required column, the variable is required within that group. Variables without a group and marked required are required for every group. Some variables are marked required / optional with a prefix (e.g., “Optional-a”, “Required-b”). For these variables, only one of the variables with the same prefix should be reported. The Multiple column indicates whether multiple entries of the group are allowed at a tower site.

PHEN_EVENT Variables

Variable Group-Required Multiple Units Description
PHEN_EVENT_TYPE Required M LIST(PHEN_EVENT) Phenology event type
Use predefined list to indicate phenology event type.

PHEN_EVENT_STATUS Required M LIST(PHEN_STATUS) Phenology event status
Use predefined list to indicate the temportal status of the phenology event type.
PHEN_EVENT_SPP Optional-a M Scientific name Phenology event species (taxa)
Vegetation species being described by the measurement. To enter a plant species, use the scientific name (Genus species Author or Genus Author). Please refer to for current scientific names and authors. If the measurement includes all vegetation present, do not enter a value. Do not use SPP if reporting VEGTYPE.
PHEN_EVENT_VEGTYPE Optional-a M LIST(VEGTYPE) Phenology event vegetation type
Use the predefined list to indicate the type of vegetation being described by the measurement (e.g., Grass, Evergreen Tree, Deciduous Tree, etc). If vegetation type is not in predfined list, enter “Other/Not in list” and describe briefly in Approach. If the measurement includes all vegetation present, do not enter a value. Do not use VEGTYPE if reporting SPP.
PHEN_EVENT_DATE Required M YYYYMMDDHHMM or days Phenology event date (or days if reporting variability or uncertainty)
For the mean or a percentile date (as specified in PHEN_EVENT_DATE_STATISTIC), please report the date at the precision known. Allowed reporting precisicion are YYYY, YYYYMMDD, and YYYYMMDDHHMM. For variability in date (as specified in PHEN_EVENT_DATE_STATISTIC, e.g., Standard Deviation or Measurement Uncertainty), report value in days.
PHEN_EVENT_DATE_STATISTIC Required M LIST(STATISTIC) Phenology event date statistic
The statistic for the measurement reported. Use predefined list (e.g., mean, min / max, standard deviation, etc). If appropriate, report the type of statistic (e.g., spatial for spatial standard deviation) in STATISTIC_TYPE.
PHEN_EVENT_DATE_STATISTIC_TYPE Optional M LIST(STATISTIC_TYPE) Phenology event date statistic type
The type of statistic reported if appropriate (e.g., spatial). Use predefined list.
PHEN_EVENT_DATE_STATISTIC_NUMBER Optional M integer number Number of observations used to determine phenology event date statistic
Number of observations (samples / replicates) used to calculate the STATISTIC for the reported measurement.
PHEN_EVENT_APPROACH Optional M free text Phenology event observation approach
PHEN_EVENT_COMMENT Optional M free text Phenology event comments


PHEN_EVENT Options (back to top)

Option Definition
Leaf senescence
Maximum leaf expansion
Total leaf-off

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PHEN_STATUS Options (back to top)

Option Definition
Start “The event has occurred in 5% of the expected cases (5% of plants, leaves, etc).”
Peak The event reached the maximum level and it has occurred in 90% of the expected cases.
End The event is no longer occurring (except natural outliers).

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STATISTIC Options (back to top)

Option Definition
Minimum Minimum value
1st Percentile Quantile at 1% of distribution
5th Percentile Quantile at 5% of distribution
10th Percentile Quantile at 10% of distribution
25th Percentile Quantile at 25% of distribution
Median – 50th Percentile Median – Quantile at 50% of distribution
75th Percentile Quantile at 75% of distribution
90th Percentile Quantile at 90% of distribution
95th Percentile Quantile at 95% of distribution
99th Percentile Quantile at 99% of distribution
Maximum Maximum value
Mean Average (mean) value of sample population
Standard Deviation Standard deviation may be reported from a sample population that consists of individual or aggregated samples (observations). If the distinction is important, specify in Comments.
Measurement Uncertainty Report uncertainty as a plus or minus value in the measurement units. For example, enter 1.5 for +/- 1.5 units. Uncertainty may be reported from the instrument’s specifications, determined empirically, or estimated by the tower team. Please describe such details in Approach. For uncertainty values that are better described by a range, a percent, or other, please enter information in Comments.
Single observation Single observation
Expert estimate Estimate made by expert familiar with site

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STATISTIC_TYPE Options (back to top)

Option Definition
Spatial The statistic indicated is a metric that describes the spatial component of the sample population. For example, use spatial for the standard devation of samples (observations) that represents different locations at the site for the same time period.

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VEGTYPE Options (back to top)

Option Definition
C3 Grass
C4 Grass
Grass / Graminoid Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, and other grass-like monocots (member of order Poales)
Herbaceous Crop
Woody Crop
Deciduous Tree Trees that shed their entire canopy seasonallly. Drought or cold avoidence are common reasons for deciduousness.
Evergreen Tree Trees that do not seasonally shed their full canopies.
Herb / Forb
Annual Herb / Forb
Perennial Herb / Forb
Aerenchymatous Plants
Liana / vine
Succulant Cactus, Euphorbs, including CAM
Non-vascular Moss, lichen
Other/Not in list Only use this option if a major vegetation group is not included already included in the predefined list. If an existing vegetation group is not specific enough, use the existing vegetation option and add details in Approach (rather than using the “Other/Not in list” option).
No vegetation Bare ground, water, or rock. Use only with SPP_PERC_O and SPP_PERC_U
Water Water (perennially submerged ground)

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