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Carbon Dioxide Fluxes Of Temperate Urban Wetlands With Different Restoration History
Schäfer, K., Duman, T., Tomasicchio, K., Tripathee, R., Sturtevant, C.

Journal: Agricultural And Forest Meteorology, Volume 275: 223-232 (2019), ISBN . DOI: Sites: US-HPY, US-MRM, US-SHS

Partitioning Net Ecosystem Carbon Exchange Of Native And Invasive Plant Communities By Vegetation Cover In An Urban Tidal Wetland In The New Jersey Meadowlands (Usa)
Duman, T., Schäfer, K.

Journal: Ecological Engineering, Volume 114: 16-24 (2018), ISBN . DOI: Sites: US-HPY, US-MRM

Carbon Dioxide Fluxes Of An Urban Tidal Marsh In The Hudson-Raritan Estuary
Schäfer, K. V., Tripathee, R., Artigas, F., Morin, T. H., Bohrer, G.

Net ecosystem exchange (NEE) of tidal brackish wetlands in urban areas is largely unknown, albeit it is an important ecosystem service. High carbon dioxide (CO2) uptake of estuaries can potentially be achieved by creating conditions that foster CO2 uptake and sequestration. Thus, this study sought to assess NEE in a mesohaline tidal …

Journal: Journal Of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, Volume 119 (11): 2065-2081 (2014), ISBN . DOI: 10.1002/2014JG002703 Sites: US-HPY, US-MRM, US-SHS