2018 AmeriFlux Data and Tech Workshop Agenda

Monday, October 22 – Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Morgan Monroe State Forest Training Center, Martinsville IN

Last updated October 17, 2018

Monday, October 22

8:30a–9:00a Welcome 
Deb Agarwal (Data) and Sébastien Biraud (Tech)
9:00a–9:50a AmeriFlux Tech Team Site Visits: What to expect before, during, and after a site visit Sigrid Dengel SLIDES 3.5MB
9:50a–10:20a BASE data product publication process update/Data pipeline new features Housen Chu
10:20a–10:40a B R E A K
10:40a–11:10a FP Data format / Variable information Danielle Christianson SLIDES 5MB
11:10a–11:40a DOI next steps/Non-standard and old version data archives and availability Fianna O’Brien, Danielle Christianson, Deb Agarwal
11:40a–12:10a ONEFlux: Data post processing update Gilberto Pastorello SLIDES 3MB
12:10a–1:30p L U N C H (working-lunch provided)
1:30p–3:15p Site introduction, challenges, updates Site Teams
3:15p–3:35p B R E A K
3:35p–4:05p ICOS Sites and data handling and processing Dario Papale SLIDES 9MB
4:05p–4:10p Introduction to Table Topics
4:10p–4:50p Concurrent Table Topics 1–2

  • Table Topic 1: Shared software repository Trevor Keenan and You-Wei Cheah
  • Table Topic 2: Scalability of Tech Team site visit Housen Chu, Stephen Chan, Sébastien Biraud, and Tech Team
4:50p–5:30p Concurrent Table Topics 3–5

  • Table Topic 3: BADM data format & submission Danielle Christianson and You-Wei Cheah
  • Table Topic 4: Current issue with sonic anemometers Sébastien Biraud and Tech Team
  • Table Topic 5: High-frequency processing Gilberto Pastorello, Dario Papale, Sébastien Biraud and Tech Team
5:30p D I N N E R @ Upland Brewing Co. (350 W. 11th Street), no host

Tuesday, October 23

9:00a–10:00a Jupyter Notebooks BADM Tutorial (working breakfast) You-Wei Cheah and Deb Agarwal
10:00a–10:50a Discussion: Tech Team next steps Sébastien Biraud and Tech Team
10:50a–11:10a B R E A K
11:10a–Noon Discussion: Data Team next steps Deb Agarwal and Data Team
Noon–1:30p L U N C H (working-lunch provided — prepare for site tour)
1:30p–1:50p Overview of US–MMS Kim Novick
1:50p–2:10p Overview of Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment (HEE) Mike Saunders Slides 20MB
2:15p–4:30p Site Tours:

  • Option 1—Tour of US–MMS site visit Kim Novick, Mallory Barnes, Koong Yi, Mike Voyles, Michael Benson, Matt Lanning, Sander Denham, HaPe Schmid, Steve Scott, Lily Young
  • Option 2—One-hour tour of the HEE (Mike Saunders); then return to join the tour of US-MMS
4:30p–5:00p Walk back to conference center. Return to Bloomington.
8:00p-10:00p After-dinner social @ Function Brewing,108 E 6th Street, no host