Methane Flux Community Participants

  • Baldocchi, Dennis

    Affiliation: University of California Berkeley
    Interest in Subject: measuring methane fluxes across a network of restored wetlands in California
    Sites: US-Bi2, US-Myb, US-Snd, US-Sne, US-Snf, US-Tw1, US-Tw2, US-Tw3, US-Tw4, US-Tw5

  • Desai, Ankur

    Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Interest in Subject: PI of CH4 fluxes at US-Los, Us-PFa, and soon to be US-ALQ. Contributor to Knox, Jackson et al Moore foundation wetland methane synthesis. Participant of USGS Powell Center on methane fluxes.
    Sites: US-ALQ, US-Los, US-PFa

  • Keenan , Trevor

    Affiliation: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
    Interest in Subject: Synthesis and scaling.
    Sites: 01-All
    Keywords: carbon, Ch4, photosynthesis, scaling, wetlands

  • Knox, Sara

    Affiliation: The University of British Columbia
    Interest in Subject: I study CH4, CO2, water and energy exchange in restored and natural wetlands. I am broadly interested in the impacts of climate variability and land-­use change on land-­atmosphere exchanges of water, energy, and trace gases. I also seek to understand how ecosystem responses to global change can feedback to slow or accelerate future climate change.
    Keywords: climate change, eddy covariance, greenhouse gases, methane, wetlands

  • McNicol, Gavin

    Affiliation: Stanford University
    Interest in Subject: I'm working to scale methane fluxes from site-level to global scales. My background is in wetland biogeochemistry and has included coupling chamber and eddy covariance observations of marsh methane flux, experiments exploring oxygen sensitivity of emissions, and attribution of fluxes to different production and transport pathways.
    Sites: 01-All
    Keywords: scaling; biogeochemistry; wetland; spatial heterogeneity; synthesis

  • Runkle, Benjamin

    Affiliation: University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
    Interest in Subject: Interest in CH4 fluxes from natural and managed landscapes. Research background in peatlands, tundra, and rice agriculture systems. Also interested in flux processing and better measurement design.
    Sites: US-HRA, US-HRC
    Keywords: rice; instrumentation; modeling

  • Saarni, Marilyn

    Affiliation: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Interest in Subject: Support outreach and communications for the methane flux community.

  • Verfaillie, Joseph

    Affiliation: UC Berkeley
    Interest in Subject: We are currently running eight open-path methane sites in wetlands and croplands in the San Joaquin/Sacramento Delta. The research is largely focused on the creation and support of carbon markets and GHG sequestration.
    Sites: US-Bi1, US-Bi2, US-Myb, US-Sne, US-Snf, US-Tw1, US-Tw4, US-Tw5